5 Ways Summer Camp Can be Awesome for Both Parents and Kids

By Peyton Bray Director of Summer & Extension Programs, Pacific Ridge School June 11, 2021

When it comes to choosing a summer camp, parents and kids don’t always agree. Parents want their children to get out of the house and learn new skills or avoid summer learning loss, while kids just want to have fun and relax! In the summer of 2021, it is also important for students to socialize in a structured, COVID-safe setting and have the benefit of learning side-by-side with other students.

 Can you accomplish all of this with one summer camp? Yes!

 It all depends on what type of camp you choose.

 Look for camps that:

1. Offer specific learning opportunities that allow your child to pursue a passion, like game design, robotics, theater or woodworking. Learning is fun, especially when it comes to learning things that aren’t usually taught in school.

2.  Include lots of hands-on opportunities. The more campers can “do it themselves,” the more fun they will have and the more they will learn.

3.  Provide adequate time for a deep dive. To get really interested and pick up a new skill, campers need to spend several hours on it each day, not 30 minutes here and there.

4.  Hire experienced counselors and teachers. Instructors who really know their subject and also understand kids will be sure to keep campers engaged.

5.  Balance the learning with opportunities to play. Games, physical movement and silliness are important, too. Camp should still feel like camp!

 At camps that successfully wrap learning up in fun, kids can meet other campers who share their interests, experience a boost in self-esteem and spark a love of learning. Those are results that any parent can get excited about!

 Pacific Ridge School Summer Programs run from June through August for students in grades 5-11.  Learn more here.

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